Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

Space Fractal Spiral 2

Space Fractal Spiral 2, ursprünglich hochgeladen von orange onion

Fractal Art Wallpaper

Fractal Art Wallpaper, ursprünglich hochgeladen von orange onion

Freaky Fractal Spiral

Freaky Fractal Spiral, ursprünglich hochgeladen von orange onion

Here's another one of my recent fractal art images...

I hope you enjoy it ;-)

orange onion

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2009

My recent work

From now on I will simply post some of my work with digital art and fractal art...

No fuzz what so ever, here it is:

Fractal Spiral purple

3D kaleidoscope fractal

Spiral Fractal with strange Geometry

The only high society I've ever been to

Triangle Fractal Illusion

Feel free to use them as wallpaper etc.
I'm always happy about feedback and please tell me if you want to use any of it...

Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009

Outer Space Inside Out.

Outer Space Spiral Fractal

Or is it just another piece of fractal art. I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm writing this blog from now on with the purpose to give you a spark of inspiration.

Is there anything as inspiring as fractals?

Well, certainly yes. There is music, videos, discussions, other blogs, politics, parties, physics, books, drugs, and many other things that can inspire people. Still my way of spreading this spark of inspiration is my own art work and my blog. Lets all create a network and inspire each other!

Speaking of inspiration - Have you ever thought about what goes in and out of your brain? We're all constantly perceiving. Everything that we can hear, see, smell, feel and taste finds its way to our brain. Most of it is being filtered, otherwise we would be overwhelmed every single second. If it is filtered it doesn't mean that it has no impact. Our subconciousness does notice even things, we don't even "think" about.

Most people don't think about what goes in and out of their brains. They sit in front of the TV, walk through town and chat with people without being aware of the fact that they are constantly being manipulated and manipulating themselves. Communication is automatically manipulation. I'm in fact manipulating you with this text because while you are reading it, because your brain associates a few hundred images, situations, texts and memories with every single sentence.

Conciously deciding whom to let into your brain and whom not means to switch off TV. It means to rethink everything that you are consuming - even my fractal work.

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ps.: I think my art is not very dangerous though ;-)